Dickfehler Studio Treffen 2 (regular edition)

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Get ready for blast off…those German psychonauts, Kombynat Robotron are back on Drone Rock Records with another slab of far-out, cosmic space-rock, ‘Dickfehler Studio Treffen II’. Since their last outing on DRR with its predecessor, the rather aptly named ‘Dickfehler Studio Treffen I’ (Dickfehler Studio Session), back in the summer of 2020, Kombynat Robotron have gone on to gain quite a reputation within the modern psych “scene” with releases on a variety of labels including Tonzonen, Weird Beard and Little Cloud Records. The first Dickfehler Session went down a storm with customers and reviewers alike and this follow-up record continues where volume I left off with more extended krautrocky (if that isn’t a word, it should be!) jams and deep sonic explorations. Like I said, get ready for blast off,  and prepare yourself for a psychedelic trip into the depths of the kosmische cosmos.

‘Dickfehler Studio Treffen II’ is released as a 500 copy pressing with 200 going to the band themselves. There will be two variants and, like the first Dickfehler album, the outer sleeve is printed on reverse board natural cardboard and the vinyl colour scheme is designed to match it. Either version purchased directly through the DRR website will come with an instant digital download.


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